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Drought Doubts…

Drought Doubts…

During a discussion concerning the effects of last year’s dry spell, the need to water manually and the possible stunted growth of crops, an authoritative source made the following point to me. London tap water is hard, it already carries a load of minerals when it comes out of the tap. Therefore, its ability to pick up extra chemicals in the form of non organic fertilizers and spread them through the soil is more limited than rain water. In the worst case scenario, the tap water may become saturated with fertilizers, minerals, salts etc. with the consequence that any fertilizer already in the ground might be either washed away before being dissolved or concentrated to the extent that it might burn the roots of some plants. The moral of the story being if prolonged dry weather is expected be careful of how much chemical fertilizer you use and consider how best to water it in.

John Clark

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Our AGM is the most formal event in our allotment calendar. It’s an opportunity for new members to contribute fresh ideas and for old hands to let everyone know what perhaps is not working for them. We conduct proceedings as efficiently as possible but as with all democratic processes – we need a steady show of hands.

Over the past couple of years the society has secured funding, firstly, to rebuild our toilet facilities and secondly to refurbish our wonderful hut. The area around the toilets is continually being developed and lovingly tended. It looks truly remarkable – (who cares to remember the portacabins that were there before?) and the hut is fast becoming a real hive of buzzing activity.

Both of these projects were initiated, developed and continue through members generously affording the society their time. The committee are open to suggestions and always appreciate a helping hand so come along and dig in.

If you cant come along to the AGM but would like a bit more info on getting involved then please, please drop a note in one of our post boxes situated on the gates or call into the shop/hut on a Sunday morning.

Lastly, we try to give timely reminders of important dates on our noticeboards so keep your peepers peeled!