Rent Due September – 10am to 12 noon in Committee Room

A reminder that your Rent is Due by the end of the month.

The rent is being collected in the COMMITTEE ROOM between 10am and 12 noon this Sunday, 24th September.

As the Shop is not open until 1pm, please proceed to the COMMITTEE ROOM DOOR, located around the corner – on the Elland Road side of the building.

Don’t forget your rent book!



Crumbles! Just Desserts…..


One of our members is missing a glass bowl – it was on the long table and contained a delicious apple and rhubarb crumble. The glass dish does have sentimental value – so we are seeking its safe return.

A white ceramic dish with the remains of an equally delicious crumble was left behind.

If you are missing your white crumble dish, or have found a new glass dish with crumble remains – please do email us.




Rent Due in September

Reminder: Allotment Rent is due in September.


Collection will take place each Sunday between 10am and 12pm, in the Committee Rooms. (The room beside the Shop).

The dates are the 3rd, 10th, 17th and 24th.


Summer Harvest BBQ 9th September

++++++++ SAVE THE DATE! +++++++++

The Summer Harvest BBQ will be held on SATURDAY 9TH September 2017. Starting at 12.30pm to around 4.30ish

ALL ALLOTMENT MEMBERS WELCOME. If you are new allotment holder, please do come along and join in the festivities – it’s a terrific day. We have marquees and tents in case the weather gets a little wet….or too sunny!

There will be BBQ meat and vegetarian options available. If you can, please do bring along a salad to share.  Don’t forget to bring a chair if you have one.

There will be our usual fun and games:

VEG & FRUIT HAT COMPETITION. All hats must be modelled for judging.

PHOTOGRAPHIC COMPETITION. Categories: Produce, Plots, People. Please see noticeboards for details on how to enter.

NEVER-ENDING PERPETUAL GRAND RAFFLE. We raffle off a multitude of goods kindly donated by other Allotment members. We are currently calling for items to be donated. Please see noticeboards to how to donate.



Allotment Newsletter – call for news items / dates of interest


If you have anything you’d like included in our newsletter, including dates of interest, please do email us by end of July.



Harvest BBQ – photographic competition


The Stuart Road Allotment Harvest BBQ will be held on Saturday September 9th. Save the Date!

This your early warning for the HARVEST BBQ PHOTOGRAPHIC COMPETITION. There are three categories:


Details of how to enter will be on the newsletter (out soon-ish!). But in the meantime, dust off your cameras and start shooting. Pictures that is.

RHS Wisley Trip this SATURDAY 24th


If you have your name down for the RHS Wisley Trip and cannot attend, please do let us know! We have a Reserves List for empty seats on the coach.

There are notices on the gates about where and when to meet, so please do read them and take note!